Tankless Water Heater Installation, Repair & Maintenance in Cincinnati, OH

Whenever you’re wanting to understand how an upgrade can add to your home’s resale value, you should start by taking a look at the local housing market. The desires and wants of new home buyers often vary widely. For example, if one buyer has pets and children, a large and spacious backyard will likely be a lot more valuable to them than if they didn’t have children or pets.

The same is true for tankless water heaters. A lot of homeowners with growing families understand the long term value of tankless water heaters. They perceive them as a luxury item considering the peace of mind of knowing they will never run out of hot water. In the majority of U.S. markets, sellers can expect to get more money for their homes by having a tankless water heater installed. In fact, the average increase in home value is 4%. Because of this, and because of many other factors, tankless water heaters have increased tremendously over the past few years. Also known as on-demand water heaters, tankless water heaters are compact systems that give homeowners heated water whenever necessary and it only heats it when you’re using it.


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How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

Tankless water heaters provide ample amounts of hot water only whenever it is needed. By heating water as it passes through a small metal coil, these water heaters are far more energy efficient than traditional tank-styled water heaters in most homes. They can save you money on your utility bills and more. Tankless water heaters are very energy-efficient; they provide heated water on demand, our tankless water heaters are increasing in popularity in homes throughout Southwest Ohio.

Because keeping water heated throughout the day in a large storage tank requires a lot of energy or fuel, traditional water heaters have higher water heating costs than their tankless water heater counterparts. They often cost more money up front to install. However, homeowners make up for their installation costs with reduced operating costs and longer service life’s. Tankless water heaters are also extremely convenient; they take up a lot less space. Because of these benefits and many more, our on-demand water heaters save you all sorts of money in the long run.

Tankless Water Heater Repair, Maintenance & Installation in Cincinnati

In Cincinnati, tankless water heaters have gained significant popularity due to their energy efficiency and space-saving design. However, like any appliance, they require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to ensure optimal performance. Fortunately, Cincinnati residents can rely on a plethora of skilled professionals specializing in tankless water heater repair, maintenance, and installation services. These experts possess the necessary knowledge and tools to diagnose issues swiftly and efficiently, whether it’s addressing temperature inconsistencies, water pressure problems, or scale buildup within the unit. By entrusting their tankless water heater needs to Cincinnati Plumbing & Drain, Cincinnati homeowners can enjoy uninterrupted hot water supply and peace of mind.

Maintenance plays a crucial role in extending the lifespan of tankless water heaters, and Cincinnati Plumbing & Drain offer comprehensive maintenance plans tailored to the unique needs of each system. Regular maintenance not only prevents potential breakdowns but also ensures the heater operates at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption and utility bills. 

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Upgrading to a tankless water heater offers you a wide range of benefits. Our tankless water heater experts weigh in on those benefits in the following:


They Require Less Space

When you don’t need to keep a large water tank filled with hot water, you’re able to install your new tankless water heater in far more convenient places. Tankless water heaters, in general, require less space. Their on-demand water heating technology take up a fraction of the space that to traditional water heaters require. Because of this, tankless water heaters can be installed under sinks and inside cabinets and other small spaces. Switching from a traditional water heater to a tankless water heater also frees homeowners up from all the space constraints of a large storage tank.

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Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters save you money on your water heating costs. In fact, switching to a tankless water heating system saves the average homeowner several hundred dollars per year. Overall, they are up to 50% more energy than a traditional water heating unit. Tankless water heaters provide hot water in high-demand areas like larger bathrooms, laundry rooms, larger kitchens, and other areas. Because of this, tankless water heaters essentially pay for themselves. 

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Hot Water is Always Available

Tankless water heaters heat the water you need quickly and efficiently on demand. This means the water heater only heats water when you need it and it doesn’t keep a tank full of hot water on supply around the clock. Traditional water heaters require a lot more energy, which costs more. With an on-demand water heater, nevertheless, homeowners don’t have to give up better performance for space and energy efficiency. This is a huge benefit. 

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They Need Less Maintenance

Traditional water heaters need to be maintained by a professional at least once per year. This pays for itself. Overall, however, tankless water heaters need less maintenance. If your water isn’t hard, your tankless water heater can run for up to five years without maintenance. Although we don’t recommend doing this, it also underscores the utter importance of soft water. Having a water softener with a tankless water heater is a must for homeowners with hard water. Water heaters need to be cleaned once per year to remove minerals that gather and build up around the heating element.

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Frequently Asked Tankless Water Heater Questions

At Cincinnati Plumbing & Drain, we are fully committed to helping our customers throughout the year. We are always here to answer any questions you might have related to your tankless water heater. We also answer questions related to water treatment, whether online or in person as part of a free in-home consultation. We offer the most quality plumbing solutions at the best prices. Our job is to make sure you’re able to live comfortably with hot water that’s affordable. We are also 100% committed to complete customer satisfaction across the board. Call us at (513) 463-6947 if you have any questions.

Why should I buy a tankless water heater?

For starters, they save you money on energy costs! Traditional water heaters use a lot of energy to keep water hot around the clock, even when you’re not using it. Tankless water heaters, however, only use energy when you need hot water. This saves you money on your energy bills. Additionally, tankless water heaters last much longer than traditional water heaters. They have no water storage tank, so they can last for up to 20 years! Last but not least, tankless water heaters require less space than traditional water heaters. If you have limited space, installing a tankless water heater might be the best option for you.

How long does a water heater last?

The average lifespan of a water heater is around 8-12 years. The actual lifespan is usually strongly dependent on how well the equipment is cared for and maintained. Draining and flushing needs to be performed regularly, as per our experts’ recommendations. Call us if you have questions.

Why did I run out of hot water all of a sudden?

The most likely explanation is that you were using a lot of hot water at the same time. Try reducing your usage and see if the problem persists. It also might not be getting enough power. Check to see if you tripped limit switch. Worst case scenario, you might have a failed heating element causing the problem. If the circuit breaker has been tripped, try turning it off, then try turning it back on and see if it works. If it still doesn’t work after doing this, give us a call. We can come over and perform water heater diagnostics. We offer cheap plumbing diagnostics throughout southwestern Ohio. Our prices are lower than anyone else in the industry.

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